BizNews@10 birthday celebration in Hermanus with five of your favourite keynote speakers

For BizNews, 4 August 2013 is auspicious. That day, opened its digital doors with the lofty ambition of one day reaching 50,000 unique users a month. To say it has expanded beyond my wildest dreams is an understatement. Nowadays, more than 700,000 people a month watch videos on our BizNewsTV channel – and around 500,000 read articles on the website. Amazing hey? We put it down to having a North Star that keeps the community we serve at the centre of everything we do.

In a month’s time, Friday, 4 August 2023, BizNews celebrates its 10th birthday. And we’re doing it in style with a full-day BizNews@10 conference in Hermanus, the company’s new nerve centre. There’s only room for 180 guests and we’ll hear from five of the BizNews tribe’s most popular keynote speakers, so if you’d like to joun in the fun, please book soonest (click here).

The event will be held in the Hermanus Municipal Auditorium. It starts at 9am with Rob Hersov’s message of potential inward investment, jobs and economic expansion after Election 2024 and ends at 4:30pm after a celebratory drink and a very short “story of BizNews” from me. In between we’ll be graced with uplifting keynotes from Herman Mashaba, GG Alcock, James Lorimer and Ian Cameron.

The event’s title is ‘Looking ahead to SA’s next ten years’, and the speakers have been asked to focus on the country’s massive potential, which, we believe, could be unlocked after the 2024 Election. The cost is R880. Click here for more details and to book your seat.

Please act quickly. The auditorium is comfortable but only seats 180. Given the size of the tribe, we’re sure to hit full house pretty quickly. There have been many disappointments because of not booking early enough for BizNews conferences. Given its easier-to-access location, BizNews@10 is sure to be even more popular.