Hermanus – has a resident whale crier

While South Africa’s game lodges and reserves are world-renowned, Hermanus wins bragging rights as a wildlife destination of choice thanks to the majestic southern right whales that are drawn to its shallow, sandy covers to breed.

“The unique geography of the shoreline of Hermanus means that these gentle giants can easily be observed from the land – or your hotel room, in the case of The Marine Hotel, which overlooks the whale sanctuary,” says Giltedge Group CEO Murray Gardiner.

It was 1991 when Hermanus first made history as the only town on Earth to have its very own Whale Crier. The tradition began informally, with a local alerting tourists of whale sightings, and soon became officially recognised, explains Gardiner.

“Thanks to this remarkable innovation, everyone visiting Hermanus is now treated to a unique experience,” he says.