Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary


Join us for an unforgettable experience as you see and learn about the big
cats. Our focus is animal welfare, so no breeding, trading or interaction
takes place. Pre-bookings only.

Tel: 071 182 8368

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All about the Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary.

Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation which
provides a forever home to 28 animals. Our beautiful pride consists of
white lions, brown lions, tigers, leopards, a cheetah, caracals, and
jackals. We are an ethical sanctuary focused on animal welfare so no
breeding, trading or interaction takes place. Our knowledgeable and
passionate staff will educate you on the interesting facts about the
different species, and share stories highlighting our animals¹ unique
personalities and their heartfelt rescue stories. You will be able to see,
hear and enjoy everything these animals have to offer.

We strongly believe in the importance of educating you about animal
welfare and the captive big cat industry, and bring to your attention the
truth behind the many breeding farms and cub petting facilities. We will
also tell you about the wild population of big cats and the threats they
face in the wild with regards to human-animal conflicts.

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Educational Visit
Adults R340, Children R170, Pensioners R240
Sunset Visit
R490 (no under 16s)
Enrichment Visit
R750 (no under 16s)
Pre-bookings only

Trading Hours
Open every day except Tuesdays.
Summer Times
09:00 and 16:00
Winter Times
10:00 and 15:00
Pre-bookings only

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