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Geta Finlayson

Geta Finlayson Goldsmith And Artist


Geta Finlayson’s workshop is within a stone’s throw from the cliffs in the seaside village of Hermanus. It is this link with the ocean which inspires Geta to incorporate pieces of iridescent abalone shell interspersed with pearls between gold and silver creations.

Cell: 082 772 5949

Email: finonrus@hermanus.co.za


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All about the Geta Finlayson Goldsmith And Artist.

Geta obtained her B.A. Degree in Art at the University of Stellenbosch and then furthered her studies in Germany. She is married to winemaker Peter Finlayson and has held many exhibitions locally and overseas. Geta travels to the East annually to hand-pick pearls to use in combination with abalone shells for her creations.

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A token of love – wedding bands.

I have made many wedding bands, starting in 1980 when I started my first little workshop in Hermanus.

I got the idea for a more comprehensive range last year when there seemed to be a big demand for “couples” rings – hence the H & H collection – his & hers, his & his or hers & hers !

The ring symbolizes a commitment between two people, a continuity & tradition from the past.

The first known exchange of rings as objects of love took place in Egypt in around 2 800 BC.  The pharaohs of Egypt regarded the circle as a symbol of eternity, and believed the ring was a heavenly symbol that life, love and happiness had no beginning or end.

Some inscriptions I have found in a little book on rings by Osnat Gat:

–         Love conquers all –  posy ring sold by gypsies;

–         Many are the stars I see, but in my eyes no star like thee  –  England 18th century;

–         In love at night is my delight

To her who merits all my love

Love him who gave thee this ring of gold

Tis he must kiss thee when thou art old.

And then Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare) –

            My bounty is as boundless as the sea

            My love as deep; the more I give to thee,

            The more I have, for both are infinite.

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    Geta Finlayson

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    In the Courtyard. Nr 2
    Harbour Road, Hermanus, 7200