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All about the Barefoot Cook.

When the owners first set foot in the courtyard behind the building, they were enchanted by its “secret garden” feeling. The sound of the birds in the trees and the water feature bubbling away allowed them to momentarily forget that they were in the middle of a bustling town. And that’s when they realised that the Barefoot Cook would serve as a peaceful getaway for those who seek to be whisked away on a food adventure.

Head Chef and creative genius, Anton, deems himself a flavour artist who considers every plate a blank canvas ready to be adorned with colours, textures and tastes that will make your palate sing. And you won’t find a more memorable setting to enjoy his creations in than Barefoot Cook. If ‘mainstream’ is not your thing, join us for high quality dishes that combine European influence with South African flair, served in a stylish, yet relaxed, environment.

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